Colleen Hartman

A Bay Area Stylist for props, wardrobe & set design...

With east coast roots, southern charm and a west coast entrepreneurial spirit, Colleen Hartman is a stylist who lends creativity, tenacity, and resourcefulness to every project

With a strong background in film, travel, and vintage clothing, Colleen has a distinctive skill set and an intuitive sense of style that help bring her clients' visions to life.  A collaborative approach, attention to detail, and down-to-earth attitude define Colleen, and are the cornerstones of her work philosophy.  With her team of creative like-minded professionals, Colleen is prepared to tackle any size opportunity.  She works as a local out of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City, bringing the same high level of experience and expertise to every enterprise.

When Colleen is not multi tasking like crazy you can find her searching for the sun, taking Polaroid pictures, adventuring with friends and snuggling her dog.

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