Evan Madden

Props Stylist

This SF native really knows his way around the prop truck. With a strong background in construction, painting and design, Evan is a true visual craftsman.

 His hands on approach and constant, creative problem solving are an asset to every set. If you can envision it, he can bring it to life!



Olivia Szelag

Operations Manager

A creative background blended with a head for numbers is the perfect combo to keep this ship a float!  

This behind the scenes guru helps with everything from invoicing to billing, travel plans and maintaining the prop and wardrobe shop.  

Colorful, playful and organized, she oversees each project through to completion.  

A second set of eyes and on call reserve for any and every need, Olivia is the ace up my sleeve.



Tia Alcini

Wardrobe Stylist

Constantly ready for action with a smile, this young lady will know what you need on set before you do! Her painterly eye, retail expertise and unyielding steaming (I mean hard work) make for one hell of a partner in crime.

She has a true sixth sense for this industry and a love for all dogs!



Peter Swehla

Fabrication/Set Building

Not only does he sport a great-looking mustache, but Peter always has a smile on his face and a positive, can-do attitude.

His artistic eye and decade of building experience make him an invaluable asset to our team.

With a large home workshop and endless resources, Peter's creativity and imagination bring ideas to life.


Andy Strong

PA Extraordinaire

This guy truly thrives on set and understands the importance of all aspects of production!  As an active director, producer & actor, he loves to take on many roles & cannot get enough of being part of the action. Happy, positive, intuitive and a great baker, Andy’s helping hand is always appreciated. From talent releases, to supervising catering and maintaining the moho this busy bee never rests.