Stills & Motion


Coco Styles is more than just Colleen Hartman, prop and wardrobe stylist. Over the last 3 years of her 8-year styling career, she has invested in specific individuals that deliver the highest level of creativity, problem solving, vision and experience to take the collaborative process to the next level. We are a team, we are friends, we are on it and we have fun! 

Colleen and her team work together to provide all aspects of full service prop and wardrobe styling for still and motion productions.  No project is too big or too small. We have the experience and the resources to accommodate and deliver on every aspect of a job.


Please see below for the run down of our services on & off set:



• Assistance in Estimating

• Time Management/Time Crunch Specialist

• Meeting budget expectations

• Strong client interface via e-mail and phone

• Personal, established relationships with talent and modeling agencies

• Strong phone and interpersonal skills in communicating with talent (we contact each talent, every shoot)



• Expert Shopping

• Wardrobe Fitting (all the tricks of the trade)

• Full Wardrobe & Prop Kits

• Strong Background in Fashion/garment construction

• On Set Sewing Skills


• Set Design & Construction

• Creative Rigging

• Carpentry & Painting Skills

• An Extensive Personal Collection of Props & Wardrobe, Organized, Categorized and Available for All Shoots

•Sourcing Fabrication












• Travel skills…. Transporting or Sourcing Props and Wardrobe Out of Town

For out-of-towners …Suggestions for Catering, Assistants, Production Services, Studios, Studio Teachers and More!

• Established Vendor Relationships & Local Resources

• Experienced world traveler

• Media Card for discounts on luggage

• Familiar with Carne process